determiner حدد

[transitive] الكلمة لها اربع معاني كما يلي مع امثلة لاستخدامها

1 to find out the facts about something [= establish]:
Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.
determine how/what/who etc
The aim of the inquiry was to determine what had caused the accident.
determine that
Experts have determined that the signature was forged.

2 if something determines something else, it directly influences or decides it:
The amount of available water determines the number of houses that can be built.
The age of a wine is a determining factor as to how it tastes.
determine how/whether/what etc
How hard the swimmers work now will determine how they perform in the Olympics.

3 to officially decide something:
The date of the court case has not yet been determined.
determine how/what/who etc
The tests will help the doctors determine what treatment to use.

4 determine to do something formal to decide to do something:
We determined to leave at once.

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