interview Q

In the name of Allah,most gracous most merciful
Good evening everybody
I hope you very well
my programme talks about..
I will invite someone to answer these questions
The questions are:
What’s your name??
How old are you??
What’s your nationality??
Where do you live??
Are you marry??
What’s your grade??
Do you love English language??
Do you love your country??
What’s your favourite color??
What’s your favourite desert??
What’s your favourite food??
What’s your favourite song??
What’s your favourite programme in TV??
Which you will choice:
milk or cola??
fresh meat or berger??
song or Qura’an??
doctor or teacher??
face book or twitter??
computer or TV??
Do you feel tired at Ramadan??
Imagine you want to travel which country will you
choose ??and why??
Imagine the electricity is 9 hours a day how will you feel??
Please say any thing for Cooolgirls

Some important notes:
No one answer these questions just who i mention
his/her name.....
or i will delete it

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